Sunday, March 11, 2018


A New Learning Community!

Dear Readers,

My PLN sincerely means the world to me. I honestly do not know what I would do without these amazing people! I am so incredibly excited to announce a new learning community!

Katie (@Katiemc827) and I met about a year ago at our local CoffeeEDU and became fast friends. Since then, not only do we meet with our CoffeeEDU group, but I have attended an EdCamp she organizes and we meet virtually and in person to discuss one of our passions-professional learning. Her ideas, energy and love for education is infectious! We have shared many conversations about how to provide professional learning opportunities to meet different needs and learning styles. In fact, Katie even utilized our snow days and offered #PolarPD options. 

Matt (@mlarson_nj) and I met about 6 months ago when we decided to develop a Voxer group as an extension of a professional reading hashtag. His ability to read, take notes and post them is truly inspiring! In addition, Matt and I have become book buddies and share our resources through good old-fashioned snail mail. Recently, him and I discussed the need to evolve and broaden the Voxer group to encompass more professional learning options and hopefully meet the need of more educators.

Who better to develop a professional learning community than with Katie and Matt? We are so excited to announce our new hashtag


While it is definitely in the beginning stages of development, we would love for people to start posting, visiting and engaging in conversation using it! Please feel free to share professional resources such as books, podcasts, Youtube Channels, blogs, articles, anything you can think of!
  • Are you someone who uses mentor texts in the classroom? We would love to see what is available to complement our current instruction!
  • Do you sketchnote? Please share your learning with us!
  • Are you a blogger? Post the link to your blog or tag specific posts you would like to share!
  • Have a professional learning podcast you enjoy listening to? Post the link so we can all enjoy!
  • Is there a Youtube channel you think people could benefit from? Share out the link so we can all learn!
  • Do you have a favorite journal? Are there articles that are relevant to education today? Post them so people can build their toolbox!
  • What technology do you love to learn or collaborate with? Flipgrid? Google? Voxer? Twitter? Ideas are welcome!
We thank you in advance for your support and helping us grow! Have a wonderful week!