Monday, January 15, 2018

Turn on Your "Thinker" and "Doodle Maker"

Courtesy of Carrie Baughcum & Family

Dear Readers,

I LOVE creating Anchor Charts. Being a Literacy teacher, I am provided unlimited opportunities to make my thinking visible to students. However, over the past year or so I have fallen in love with sketchnoting. 

While I am "self-taught" for the most part, most of mine included language, including quotes. I rarely added pictures to my charts. Here are a few from the beginning. I focused mainly on Twitter chats and informational books, particularly the Pirate Collection from @burgessdave and @burgess_shelley. 

Then I ventured outside chats and books and tried a few fiction pieces, including one by @Jonharper70bd.

Then I started to make them more personal! This mission statement still hangs in my classroom today.

I decided to take on a topic close to my heart. Mental health awareness and suicide prevention are extremely important to me. I tried to capture the seriousness of it while providing life saving information.

It was during #DitchSummit 2017 that I met Carrie Baughcum (@heckawesome) as I was sketching my way through the sessions.

Carrie sent me a DM and did what I love most......challenged me to add icons to my drawings! Of course, I took it on and even surpassed what she originally told me to try. Immediately a friendship was born! We started communicating via voxer and DM. I wanted to take this into my classroom.

I thought I was teaching my students how to sketchnote, but in reality I was throwing them in the deep end of the pool with no instruction. Instead of teaching them HOW to sketchnote I was showing them final products with no scaffolding. Ironically, this is not my philosophy or teaching style at all. I realized I did not know how to instruct them, I just did it. 

Carrie's video, A Beginner's Guide to Sketchnoting has tremendously helped my students and I. I love how Carrie uses the term "Thinker" and her daughter uses "Doodle Maker". See link below.

I showed it to a few of my classes, including 8th grade Language & Literature. It really made an impact on their understanding. A student was even talking about them using the language! (ex. containers)

Carrie also suggested making an "icon library". This chart is a sample of doodles or images I frequently include and would pertain to school.

I would highly recommend doing this. My hope is, now that they have a general understanding, they will add to our icon library. Carrie was also kind enough to allow me to duplicate her main points in her video. It was been incredibly helpful to have the language and examples right in front of us.

I attempted to sketchnote the episode on icons since that is what I was working on!

I want to sincerely thank Carrie and her daughters for the inspiration and encouragement! If you have not checked out their videos, you are missing out.

Also, check out their January #IdeaFlood challenge. It is a great "kick-start" into the world of sketchnotes! 

Happy doodling!