Friday, August 5, 2016

#LAUNCHBOOK Chat Questions


Dear Readers,

I thoroughly enjoyed our July book discussion regarding LAUNCH: Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student by A.J. Juliani and John Spencer.

It was an incredibly high energy, fast-paced amazing chat with global participation! You can find incredible resources on

LAUNCH Discussion Questions

Here are the questions, in case you missed any of the conversation.

Chapters 1-3

  1. What does the word "creative" mean to you?
  2. Thinking about the various creative approaches, which do you identify with the most? Why?
  3. What does "design thinking" mean to you?
  4. How can we encourage colleagues to embrace their creative approach?
  5. Please share any reflections you have so far about the LAUNCH Cycle.
  6. Please share any take-aways you are leaving with from our discussion.
Find the action plan template at

Chapters 4-6

  1. What does "student centered learning" mean to you?
  2. How can awareness and curiosity work in tandem and spark creative problem-solving?
  3. "Every child is born with a natural curiosity. It is not something we have to teach, but it is something we must cultivate and nurture." (pg.94) How can we do this in our own learning environments?
  4. "Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is ask a question." (pg.99) How can we develop a culture of risk-takers and inquirers?
  5. "Children are already researching before they ever learn to read." (pg.110) What does "student centered research" look like?
  6. Please share a take-away you are leaving with from today's discussion.
Storify: Chat #2

Chapters 7-10

  1. "Most of the time, however, when people have created things that truly matter to them, they started with a plan." (pg.131) Why is the planning phase so important?
  2. How do divergent thinking and innovation complement each other? (pg.138)
  3. "Every roadblock is a chance to solve a problem." (pg.155) How do we encourage students (and ourselves) to push through "project fatigue" and keep going?
  4. Boredom can be important to creative thinking. Why? (pg.167)
  5. "We prefer to use the word improve rather than fix, because fix implies something is broken." (pg. 176) How can word choice encourage or inhibit students' progress? Please share words/phrases you use!
  6. Please share take-aways from today's discussion.
Storify: Chat #3

Reflective Questions

  1. How can you see yourself using the LAUNCH Cycle in your daily instruction?
  2. What would be the benefits of using the LAUNCH Cycle in your daily instruction?
  3. How can we implement the LAUNCH Cycle into our own professional learning?
  4. What is your biggest take-away after reading and engaging in discussions about the LAUNCH Cycle?
  5. Please share any resources that would help with implementation.
  6. Final thoughts for the group?
Storify: Chat #4

Sincere Gratitude

Please keep sharing ideas using #LAUNCHBOOK. Have a fantastic start to the school year!