Monday, June 27, 2016

Design Thinking and Gamification: Part 1

Design Thinking and Gamification: Part 1

Dear Readers,

In anticipation of #LAUNCHBOOK discussions coming in July, I have been reading, taking notes and preparing our guiding questions. As I started learning about the specific phases of the cycle, I challenged myself to take an idea through the LAUNCH Cycle. Although I have not finished the book yet, I was anxious to share the connections I have made so far! 

I decided to use my Gamification implementation as my design idea.

L=Look, Listen and Learn

  • Audience:  my intervention students (7th-8th grade)
  • Awareness: students love gaming
  • Observation: listening and talking with students
  • Wonder: What makes you keep going back to the game, trying over and over again?
  • Awareness of Issue: students need to be engaged and they love gaming so how can we bridge the gap between learning and their worlds/interests
  • Empathy: I personally did not like school as a child, there was no connection for me
  • Problem: many students are dis-engaged because they do not connect to the learning, there is lack of ownership
  • Product Idea: Classroom Game Board with challenges
  • Geeky Interest: Explore Like a Pirate

A= Ask Tons of Questions 
  1. What do the worlds look like?
  2. How do they change?
  3. What characters are there?
  4. Can you design them?
  5. Can you name them?
  6. What games do you play?
  7. What is the goal of the game?
  8. Do you earn rewards?
  9. What are they?
  10. How do they help you?
  11. Can you lose them?
  12. Can you earn them back?
  13. What happens if your character dies?
  14. Does the game get harder as you increase levels?
  15. What keeps you going back?
  16. Who do you play against?
  17. Are the games online?
  18. What if someone is mean to other players?
  19. How often do you play?
  20. What if you could create your own world?
  21. What if you could create your own characters?
U=Understand the Information
  • Audience Research: my students
  • Skill-Based Research: elements of gaming
  • Research
    • read Explore Like a Pirate
    • engaged in twitter chats/individual conversations
    • Interviewed Students
Now, I head into Navigating Ideas. I hope you look forward to reading part 2!

N=Navigating Ideas
H=Highlight and Fix

LAUNCH to an audience!

I hope you will join us for our 1st chat on Sunday July 10th.