Sunday, October 15, 2017

There Was a Knock on the Door........

Friday the Thirteenth Fun!

Dear Readers,

Visualize the following scenario if you will........

Date: Friday October 13th
Time: 10:45 AM EST
Place: Ms. Gross' Classroom
Task: Read Aloud The Monkey's Paw from SCOPE Magazine

Setting the scene: turn off the lights, close the shades and play a thunderstorm in the background for sound effects (it helps to have movement as well, see link below)

You walk into the classroom to find this message and posting.

You are seated in somewhat of a circle in the darkest corner of the room. You have already read the short story. (see link below for full story)

We start to is a very general outline of the events.....

The story begins.........

  • The Whites are visited by Sargent Morris.
  • Sargent Morris has a Monkey's Paw that legend says is cursed.
  • Mr. White insists on having the paw.
  • However, before leaving, Sargent Morris warns him of its curse.
  • Mr. White wishes for money to pay off his house.
  • The Whites go to bed.

The following day.........

  • The Whites find out the horrific news their beloved son has died.
  • The company compensates the family with the exact amount of money they had wished for.
  • Mrs. White is grief stricken.

That evening........

  • Night falls and Mrs. White realizes they have two wishes left.
  • Mr. White wishes for his son to come back.
  • All of a sudden......they hear a knocking on the door.......

It is at this exact moment that a colleague banged on the door and the entire class screamed and jumped!!!!!! 
Two of my students raced to the door to see who it was. 
But nobody was we continued........

The End.......
  • Mrs. White frantically tries to open the door.
  • Mr. White makes his final wish, for "IT" to go away.
  • Mrs. White finally gets the door open when......

My colleague comes crashing through the door screaming, 
"There's someone at the door!!!!!!!!"
Everyone screamed and jumped in their seats.

"Ms. Gross we are going on a haunted hayride tonight!"
"That scared me!"
"I wasn't scared."
"Ms. Gross, did you plan that?"

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!